shang xia


Please take a serious look at the topic introduction: 1, unlock - [win8 lock screen] sliding to the right unlock, double-click the icon to enter the corresponding application. The middle setting is the custom entry of lock screen. [password lock screen] default password 1234, you can also set other passwords. 2, try-please try, then buy, can not download the general situation is not the subject matter, so it is best to try first. 3, Free Desktop - All free desktop elements can be dragged, add other icons please enter editing mode, drag the application icon onto the desktop to let go, choose the icon to add can be. 4, [Cat's Topic Knowledge Point 1] Millet theme lock screen customization steps: theme style - Classification - mashup - lock screen style - my - personalized customization of the current lock screen! Cat's theme knowledge point 2] desktop dual fingers can slide into the free desktop.